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We are a beauty salon located in Delhi NCR. To be pampered and treated in one of the best beauty salons in Delhi NCR. With a team of stylist, beauty therapist, and technicians that have been hand- picked and trained to the highest standard, this means the service that you receive from us will be friendly, personal, highly professional and consistently the best in hairdressing and beauty.

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Hair Styling

Everyone always dreaming about long and shiny hair but a perfect hair style improve your..

Mustache Trimming

Cut along your lip with a pair of trimming scissors or electric trimmers. ...

Beard Trimming

Beard trimming doesn't have to be a complex task. With our complete guide on how to trim a beard,

Hair Coloring

We understand the importance of healthy hairs so we offer Ammonia Free hair colouring.

Special Services

Laser Treatment

Due to urban lifestyle issue of baldness appears in both men and women. Cutting Crews has the solution of this problem,


Looking beautiful is crucial thing for every woman but preparing for that special day gives you a different pleasure.


This innovative, micro fine make-up controls reflection levels. Specially designed for HD photography and video shoot.

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